Since 1988 V-SEAL has been providing the world’s best concrete sealer products and consulting with architects, engineers, contractors, business owners and home owners to find optimum solutions for protecting concrete and other masonry substrates. Your solution is just a toll-free phone call away.

Concrete is an art, not a science, and sealer is not a substitute for good practices and in some cases even the best sealer cannot protect against all conditions.

Even superior concrete is vulnerable to freeze/thaw damage (attached article) and should be cured and sealed. Curing procedures and sealing procedures should be integrated.

Our clients like to cure broom finished concrete with V-Seal 102 and machine trowel or stamped concrete with V-Seal 101. If they are not going to return to apply long term sealer, we believe curing with a product with long term sealer benefits is a superior option to acrylic resin.

For projects that will be receiving a secondary sealer step, V-Seal Stage II can be applied any time after 7 days without power washing. Properly applied to sound concrete, Phase II raises surface PSI strength and creates a surface that beads water.