Bob and other qualified consultants work with owners to make sure that pervious concrete is a good fit for their projects.  In addition, there is no one size fits all recipe for designing pervious concrete.  Every area of the country has different aggregates to choose from and the unit weights and void contents vary greatly.  CMS can consult with your local ready mix producer to come up with a mix design that meets your needs. For owners, using pervious concrete pavement in your parking lot or sidewalks can reduce the need for land detention ponds because the pavement acts as a detention area. We offer quality management support services for design, pre-construction, and on-site inspection during construction as well as full pervious installation capabilities (see contracting below). This is to make sure you get the best pervious concrete stormwater management system available. Key to a successful pervious installation is to insist on using a NRMCA Certified Pervious Craftsman. There are many specifications that allow for the use of either five certified technicians or three certified installers but without the detailed knowledge that only time and experience gives an NRMCA Certified Craftsman, attempting to do a job may save you some money up front but might possibly cause the job to not perform or look like you would like it to. Another thing that you should not have to settle for is an aggregate that does not give you the finished look that you desire and we can help you find materials that will work well and perform for years to come.

Ready Mix Producers

For ready mix producers, we can help you design and produce a well balanced pervious concrete mix that will load properly, mix well, discharge easily and install easily and perhaps most importantly, yield properly. We also offer on-site training for your batchmen and drivers to assure that you deliver the best pervious concrete in your market. Don’t get stuck in the old school way of thinking that your current mix is good enough or that using the same 3/8″ stone that you use in your regular concrete is going to give you great pervious concrete. Chances are you have too much cement in the mix and the mix is not balanced.


For larger jobs, those in excess of ten thousand (10,000) square feet, consider having CMS bring their experienced crew that includes an NRMCA Certified Pervious Craftsmen, three NRMCA Certified Installers and six NRMCA Certified Technicians to complete your installation in the shortest amount of time and the highest degree of quality possible. When possible we hire local certified technicians to augment our crew and use the time to teach them the ins and outs of pervious concrete and to help them gain the experience needed to move up to the installer level without any financial risk to their company.


Once your crews have gone through the certification process, now what?  Are you 100% confident that they can go to a jobsite and properly install pervious concrete so that the job is successful and you don’t have to go in and replace it?  We offer on-site consultation and can work with each of your employees until they become comfortable with every aspect of a proper pervious concrete installation.  They need to understand that this is not regular concrete, it is part of a stormwater management system. Contractors installing pervious concrete need to be able to look at the design and know if the application is right for the use of pervious concrete or not. If the specs are not written properly, a trained Craftsman should know when to walk away from a job rather than doing an installation that is not going to work and meet the owners expectations. There are reasons that we must cover the concrete with plastic within 20 minutes, sometimes sooner and any contractor installing pervious concrete needs to know that this is the maximum time that pervious concrete can be exposed to drying conditions.  They cannot just know how to pull a friction screed across the concrete, they need to know how to make sure that their equipment has enough weight in it to properly compact the concrete.  Each employee needs to learn how to judge whether the pervious concrete that is delivered has the right sheen and consistency.  These are things that CMS can teach your entire crew so that when you go off on your own you can be comfortable with the fact that your crew is qualified to do future pervious installations. For concrete contractors that wish to become the go to company in their market, we can either come to your jobsite and work with your crew or bring in our crew to teach yours how to properly install pervious concrete.


Even though pervious concrete has been used in the United States for over thirty years, many owners, engineers and architects are still not aware of all of the wonderful benefits that pervious concrete offers.  As important as this is, it is just as important that they understand the limitations of pervious and what can happen if it is not properly installed. For eleven years now, Bob has traveled around the country making hundreds of presentations to various stormwater management groups, ready mix associations, watershed districts as well as architects and engineers.  Bob is available to speak to your group, check with us for availability.