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What Is Pervious Concrete?

Pervious concrete pavement is a durable concrete which will allow 300-1100 inches of rain per hour to pass through it. The flow of water and air through the slab makes it an important element in the growing sustainable construction movement.

Pervious pavement allows infiltration of stormwater into subsurface soil layers and drastically reduces the volume and rate of stormwater runoff. For this reason, it is considered an effective on-site stormwater management tool.

Simply put, the use of pervious concrete allows Mother Nature to do her job.

Our Services


We offer quality management support services for design, pre-construction, and on-site inspection during construction as well as full pervious installation capabilities. This is to make sure you get the best pervious concrete storm water management system available.
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We offer on-site consultation and can work with each of your employees until they become comfortable with every aspect of a proper pervious concrete installation.  They need to understand that this is not regular concrete, it is part of a storm water management system.
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Ready Mix Producers

For ready mix producers, we can help you design and produce a well balanced pervious concrete mix that will load properly, mix well, discharge easily and install easily and perhaps most importantly, yield properly.
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CMS has developed a five level certification program that includes today’s pervious technology.  Technicians, installers and craftsmen attend a six hour class and a two hour learning lab and batchman and testing technicians have an additional two hour program.
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