225x144_LuralogoNo other screed system in the world does what the Lightning Strike does – Change to fit your needs!  With a contractors package you can go from 5 feet to 25 feet in just minutes, put on riser wheels for riding on existing slabs, change the pitch of the handle to easily do elevated slabs, add water for perfect pervious concrete compaction, all in minutes with a system that will reduce the strain on your employees and increase profits for you!  Click here to learn more about how Lightning Strike can help your project!




  •    50 cc or 100cc Honda gas motor
  •    Pass through dual drive, allowing screed tubes to be left or right handed
  •    Threaded-axle coupling system allows tubes to be extended or accessories to be attached
  •    Made from rugged, construction grade aluminum that “cuts” concrete instead of rolling over it like a steel roller

Other innovative ideas:

200x150_6_inch_Wall_PlugWall plugs that come in lengths of 6″ and 18″, both standard with the contractors package let you get right up against walls inside a foundation or next to a building




225x337_Curb_Runner_2Adjustable curb runners that adjusts down in 1/2″ increments to 12.5″









250x187_Wall_Walker_005Adjustable Wall Walker