In the day to day course of doing business, we have come across a few products that have proven to be better than anything else on the market and we have incorporated them into our business and are now proud distributors of them.  We invite you to check out the products listed below and if you have any questions, please let us know.

HydroMax®internal curing admixture provides an internal source of water necessary to replace that consumed by chemical shrinkage during hydration. As the cement hydrates, this water is drawn from the pores in the admixture’s water reservoirs and absorbed into the pores of the cement paste. This process can minimize the development of autogenous shrinkage, help in avoiding early-age cracking, and improve strength.

PerviouShield® has been developed over the past five years to not only eliminate the use of polyethylene sheeting which typically ends up in our landfills but to offer immediate curing protection to pervious concrete especially in windy or sunny conditions while leaving behind a densified surface which is much more abrasion resistant than typical pervious concrete once the curing compound has dissipated.

Since 1988 V-SEAL has been providing the world’s best concrete sealer products and consulting with architects, engineers, contractors, business owners and home owners to find optimum solutions for protecting concrete and other masonry substrates.

No other screed system in the world does what the Lightning Strike® does – Change to fit your needs!  With a contractors package you can go from 5 feet to 25 feet in just minutes, put on riser wheels for riding on existing slabs, change the pitch of the handle to easily do elevated slabs, add water for perfect pervious concrete compaction, all in minutes with a system that will reduce the strain on your employees and increase profits for you!

SMK’s ground-breaking features allow you to dispense product directly from the original container. Powered by 18 volt DeWALT cordless tool batteries, these sprayers will dispense content in half the time of the old, traditional hand pump. If you want to reduce your application time, contamination, tired arm, clean-up and have a consistent flow from the nozzle, then SMK products are right for you.